MANDARA is one of our signature tour programme for short-term holiday clients who are willing to explore more of our beautiful island.

  • 05 Nights 06 days

Short Vacation

Short Vacation is one of our next tour programme for shortholiday clients who are willing to explore more of our beautiful island.

  • 04 Nights 05 days

Beach Stay

Bach Stay is our tour programme for more beach relaxation and travel. Our clients will enjoy the sunset on the south beach of Sri Lanka.

  • 05 Nights 06 days

Ancient Sri Lanka

The Ancient Sri Lanka tour is planned to visit the most important ancient cities in Sri Lanka, and this tour will be a mix of culture, wildlife, nature, and the beach.

  • 09 Nights 10 days

Mandara Island

Madara Island is one of our tour plans for log stay clients. We will cover most of the parts of Sri Lanka and travel to the north, east, and south as well.

  • 14 Nights 15 days

Mandara Honeymoon

Mandara Honeymoon is for couple who are newly married or couple who are celebrating anniversaries. More relax tour plan for couple which include beautiful destinations and things to do.

  • 10 Nights 11 days

Mandara East Beach

Madara East Beach. A tour plan we created to have more beach relaxation in east part of Sri Lanka. East beach of Sri Lanka is different to other beaches around.

  • 10 Nights 11 days

Ramayana Trails

Ramayana Trails is one of the most popular tour programme in Sri Lanka. Visit most important and highlighted place in Sri Lanka which is related to Ramayana Stories is our main goal.

  • 06 Nights 07 days

Business Tour

Madara Business Tour is a tour plan for sort stay visitors to Sri Lanka who are here for business related matters. This tour will give them enjoyment and relaxation during the time in Sri Lanka.

  • 02 Nights 03 days